The Last Of The Bad Men

Long Beach, California, US
Artist / Band / Musician
Punk / Rock
DHD Records Division
The Last of the Bad Men are an international punk rock super group, the brain child of pro-skaters/tattoo artists Art and Steve Godoy. Coming fresh off the heels of their previous band, The Exploding Fuck Dolls, the Godoy brothers recruited punk rock soldiers from around the world. Daniel Creadon of Cleveland Ohio's The Curb Slappy's was enlisted for vocals. Deniz Tek of Australia's legendary RADIO BIRDMAN accepted guitar duties and Troy Zak of Canada's The Daggers came on as the Bad Men's bassist. With Art Godoy sharing guitar duties and Steve Godoy providing an onslaught of battery, The Last of the Bad Men recorded their Debut album, "Nowhere Is Safe" in Vancouver, March 2006. AND NOW SECOND RELEASE "RIDE!".
The Last of the Bad Men - Ride!
D.H.D. Records
Published May 29, 2008 by Keith Carman in CD Reviews
These bad men have truly toughened up and tightened their sound. Whereas The Last of the Bad Men's debut effort, Nowhere Is Safe was a formidable if not altogether unique blend of old-school punk rock influences, sophomore effort Ride! proves they are hitting their stride. A solid blast of punk rock 'n' roll anthems, songs like "Hit 'Em Again," "Creeper" and "Day to Ride" have an inherent brashness and enthralling confrontational atmosphere, while still escaping the trappings of overbearing testosterone-fuelled aggression that most acts of this ilk succumb to. Previously slotted among the likes of traditionalists such as the U.K.'s G.B.H., U.S. Bombs and more recently 59 Times the Pain, the band's refined direction has a feel more akin to The Humpers, Hookers and Zeke with just a touch more melody, patience and hooks. Hearty, enthusiastic and modestly raunchy, Ride! is a divine step forward for these Vancouverites.

--"Nowhere Is Safe" was released on the Godoy's own D.H.D label later that spring. The press responded with fervour. Nerve Magazine exclaimed, The Last of the Bad Men " bring forth an offering of apocalyptic punk rock that is fueled by adrenaline and delivered with necessity." NY Waste magazine wrote "gutter punks with a boot in the right direction." Absolute Underground said, "About as close to the real deal as you will get." This was just the beginning.
The Last of the Bad Men signed to Long Live Crime Records in late 2006, with the bands debut being re-released in March, 2007. "Nowhere Is Safe" is receiving a second wave of accolades from press and fans alike, with no end in sight. The Last of the Bad Men will continue touring to support "Nowhere Is Safe". If you still believe in Punk Rock, you will believe in The Last of the Bad Men.
THE LAST OF THE BAD MEN DROPPED LONG LIVE CRIME RECORDS in order to have control of their property! .This CD should be in the hands of a label or licensor who genuinely loves the band and swears by its cause.who is dedicated enough to try their best to get it in the hands of fans, friends, radio, tv and anyone who knows what a real fucken revolution sounds like!!! Disappointingly LLC did NOT.not a dime was spent to promote this band nor its JAW DROPPING EPIC RELEASE-"Nowhere is Safe"
You snooze you lose.ALL TALK.YAWN, tell us another one.
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