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Transparent For You All

Hello reality! The Je Ne Sais Quoi lost their drummer, got daytime jobs and almost died in a Belgian bar. The members were busy in other projects, conquering Sweden with Jenny Wilson, opening up for Sonic Youth with The Skull Defekts, making solo albums and travelling the world and beyond.

"We crawled through fire. Our boats they sank. We swallowed pills. We shot the venom. Our planes all crashed. We had all cancers. We also drowned. The allergy it got to us. We are prepared. Whatever happens we’ve been there."

Suddenly it was there again-the je ne sais quoi that we just have to obey. Thus, we repeatedly found ourselves in the rehearsal space, dropping our tense shoulders and giving vent to our common musical kicks. It was remarkably smooth in the making and immediately 12 new songs had written themselves.

“It’s all that ever really mattered, to form ghouls of imaginary shapes. The quest for creativity will haunt us deep at night.What eyes can never ever see.”

After having courted Swedens finest drummer Pontus Levahn (Tiger Lou, Torpedo, Nina Kinert, Asha Ali) for a long time, he finally had the time to step in and join the band for the recording so we could put the Roland DR-550 back on the shelf. Another change for the band was making an album in a proper studio, with a proper producer/engineer. Working with Stefan Brainstrum (Henry Fiat's Open Sore, Tramp) in his Dustward studio was incredibly rewarding and inspiring. We shared ideas and equipment, experimented and kept the ball rolling. Stefan, you're family now!

"Why don’t we dance right to this beat? Let’s shake the streets. It’s Saturday night!"

The new album is called Transparent For You All, and has it all; tension and release, urgency and comfort, everyday-morning bitter sweetness and weekend-night indulgence. It is eclectic, electric and electronic. It will make you recognize yourself in a place that you've never been at before. It is about taking comfort in yourself, loving the dirt and absurdity of the lives we live and above all- knowing deep in your heart that it will be all right.

"I have no doubt. I know you’ll sort it out. We will step out. And it will be all right."

Transparent For You All by The Je Ne Sais Quoi is released on our own favourite label Family Affair on the 5th of April 2010. Available formats will be vinyl and digital, Itunes, Klicktrack, Spotify etc. That's right, no CD.

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