The Bitter End/The Heart Attacks/Artless Assassins, Swayze's, Marietta GA 02/04/2005 - Video
PUBLISHED:  Jul 24, 2013
Finally, after nearly 9 years, this video has become available to the public. Filmed by Juan N. Soto (aka Pito, username 'Soupchopz') at Swayze's in Marietta, Georgia on February 4, 2005. Featuring local bands The Bitter End, The Heart Attacks (precursor to The Poison Arrows/Biters), and Artless Assassins.
Dedicated to the memories of David Overduijn (The Bitter End drummer), Topper Duffy (Artless Assassins guitarist and drummer for Shockwaves/Lucid), and all the other good friends we've lost since that may have been in attendance.

Approximate times for bands:
2:38 concert begins/Bitter End
3:54 Heart Attacks
28:40 Artless Assassins

*APOLOGIES* To: Bitter End for such an embarrassingly short "airtime," I am not sure why this happened but we do love you!
And to everyone for the quality of the video and sound, this was the best the store clerk was able to do, I hope to redub the audio in the near future.
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