The Guilty Hearts

Glassell Park, California, US
Artist / Band / Musician
Garage / Punk / Blues
Whether you know it or not, you remember the first music you ever heard.

Music can be your true friend.

Your scorned lover.

The mender of wounds.

The ghost in your room.

Theres a strong connection between music and life.

Every moment in life can have an accompanying song.

For The Guilty Hearts, life has been just that.

one giant concert in their hearts and minds.

so began their process of musical distillation.

All raised on early r&b and rock n roll's primal rhythms,

the hearts soon found kinship in new styles of music.

like punk, garage, post-punk, blues and rockabilly too.

Take their own self-destructive nature.

their obsessive love for all things primal.

and those foreboding feelings that exist in the nighttime.

and you get the essence of The Guilty Hearts.

This primitive, lo-fi combo is made up of 3 native Angelinos.

steeped in the citys' culture, angst, and excess…and now one transplant.

The Hearts wanted more growl to make your insides move and your body shake.they searched the bars and gutters of Los Angeles and had to go to Berlin to bring Gabriel Hammond of the fantastic The Lords of Altamont and The Fuzztones to play beware!

Our second Album, PEARLS BEFORE SWINE was released on January 9th, 2009. This album burns like cheap booze burns your finds your demons, your skeletons, your ghosts and invites them to come and will leave you feeling dirty.

In our 7 years of existence.

We've played over 300 shows.

in 12 countries.

Released Two Albums on Voodoo Rhythm Records

Released a Single on Sonico Records

We are currently writing our 3rd album, making plans for the Pacifc Northwest this summer and now EUROPE later 2009

Check us out!

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