Sacramento, California, US
Artist / Band / Musician
Rock / Southern Rock / Metal
19th Annual LA Music Awards: Nominee for "Best Rock CD" (Throes of Contemplation) and "Best Rock Single" (Change)

5th Annual South Bay Music Awards: Winner "Best Independent CD" (Throes of Contemplation) and Nominee "Rock Band of the Year."

Thank you for visiting our myspace page, proud home of Sacramento based rock band "The Grumpy."

Versatility is the staple of The Grumpy. Led by multi-instrumentalist Cameron West, who is

versed in more than 10 instruments, and influenced by a huge variety of music ranging from Aretha Franklin to Cannibal Corpse. The Grumpy, originally formed in 1999 as the brainchild of Cameron and drummer JW Brooks, has performed a fairly staggering number of shows at a wide selection of clubs in California. The rhythm section was later to be completed with the addition of close friend and bassist Justin. Their music can be described as rock, but reaches so far beyond the cardboard box that has become modern rock. The Grumpy has also played in a series of acoustic performances, and became known for the booming, rich vocals that poured out of singer Cameron West. Supported by radio stations, clubs and fans around the world (thank you worldwideweb), if you don't know who The Grumpy is, you need to learn about it.

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