Green Hornet

Grunnen Rocks City, Ne
Artist / Band / Musician
Garage / Punk / Soul
me, it is hard to find a band nowadays that has the same intensity,
the same drive and the same adventurous attitude as these three guys
from Groningen, Holland.
to give the audience what it wants, GREEN HORNET gives the audience
what it needs; an irresistable mixture of sleazy funk and almost soundtrack-like
organ instrumentals, but switching just as easily to punkrock and
even swampblues. To GREEN HORNET it comes natural this way and they
sure make it sound like Rock & Roll is meant to be like this.
It's all so typically GREEN HORNET that it might as well be a musical
style on it's own.
their small line-up including only a drummer, a guitarplayer, and
one person continuously switching between organ, guitar and mouth
harp, while two out of three take the lead vocals, GREEN HORNET has
a very distinctive sound indeed. Not at least because of the intense
screaming of the organ and by skipping a bassguitar completely. GREEN
HORNET sounds obnoxious and raw with a lot of soul. Once on stage
these three guys go wild and their fucked-up mental state makes it
a menacing experience.
& Blues legend Andre Williams found that he had no other choice
than to take these guys as opening- and backingband on his last european
tour. This long (33 shows, 12 countries, 5 weeks), exhausting and
hilarious, but purifying experience resulted in a great live album
with Andre Williams on the American Norton records: 'Holland shuffle'.
Last summer GREEN HORNET released their second album "Soulscum".
Like all their singles, their 10" 'Heavyweights' and their first
album 'Going Down', this album is full of furious and intense Rock
& Roll. In 13 songs GREEN HORNET takes you to the filfthy backyard
of Rock and Roll, not a happy place to be, but so addictive that you'll
keep coming back.

HORNET has played the (in Holland anyway) famous Lowlands festival,
and Noorderslag festival and has shared the stage with bands like
the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, Dirtbombs and Speedball Baby to
name a few. These are the kind of bands that drink from the same
eternal well of Rock & Roll as GREEN HORNET does. But that is
just how far the comparison goes. GREEN HORNET is far to stubborn
to sound like any band at all.

me: these guys know what they are doing. They are in full control
of re-inventing Rock & Roll for one purpose only: Pure excitement!
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