Dragstrip Queen

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Punk / Hardcore
Bio by Liubomir Kalaidjiev (Seven Day Weekend):

There is one band on the Greek scene that really gets into your eyes… or mainly into your ears, that’s been circling like a tornado through the Greek clubs in the last few years. Their name is the Green Goblins www.myspace.com/thegreengoblins, and the members prefer to be called Spiderfuckers. In fact they were born four years ago from the ashes of the Cretins and Reservoir Dogs. Thanks to their numerous live shows (anywhere and anytime) they soon become famous as the fastest and loudest Greek band. This “bad” reputation leads to supporting bands such as the Vibrators, Fuzztones and Dead Moon. Their gigs are so memorable that it’s very often the case that the audience becomes “deaf” for the headliners, so every band that shares stage with them is obliged to show its best.
Connected by their mutual love for comic books and rock and roll these three young goblins invent their own world and their own music where you can feel the influences that shaped their vicious sound – from ’77 punk and hardcore punk to trash rock bands like the Dwarves and the Supersuckers. Their sound is something like a very fast Motorhead with a punk drummer, and the vocal Dead Boy reminds of Blind Marky from Zeke who’s gone out drunk on a spider hunt …
They also happen to include a number of interesting covers in their live shows. Like real self-respecting “psychos” they pay homage to GG Allin with “Die When You Die”, and like a real rock and roll band they line up among the other ten thousand bands that cover “Chinese Rocks” (J. Thunders/DD Ramone/J. Nolan/R. Hell). It may sound absurd, but this will be the first time this track will be played live on a Bulgarian scene.
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