Roma, IT
Artist / Band / Musician
Hardcore / Alternative / Screamo
Wynona Records / Inyaface Records
The project came out from Vinx (Vanilla Sky singer and guitar player) after one year of fake starts and failed plans: together with Kikko (former Remove singer) the wish of making up a band musically closer to the hardcore music and the new emocore wave became a need they could not slip away from. The fusion of melody and screams had to be the focal point of the band, and songs piled up during the months let the story began by itself. After several tests the two-member group found in Brian (Vanilla Sky singer and guitar player) the perfect step to have a solid bassist and a full-inventive musician. As he was finishing to produce the new 9mm record suggested the founders to get Leo (9mm drummer) in the band to complete the lineup. On May 2005 Paolo (Face the Fact, Winter Beach Disco) joined the TGC army as second guitarist to have a solid lineup ready to break stages.

In 2006 they released Equilibrium EP in Europe and Japan.

In 2007 Roberto (The Beauty, A Fallen Star) joined TGC taking the place of Leonardo, who left the band with Paolo.

The Gaia Corporation are currently working on The Corruption/I Am Revolution, a double full-lenght which will be out in 2009.
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