The Films - Being Bored - Video
PUBLISHED:  Jun 13, 2010
Thank you all so much who have taken the time to listen to these videos, I'll try to update the channel thoroughly over the next few months!
The Films - Being Bored
Album: Don't Dance Rattlesnake (2007)
© 7Hz Recordings (2007)

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I don't spend any time in that corner of the room
Cause it's too close to the door and I'm sure you'll come knockin' soon enough
To feed me a line 'bout all the things you have to do
You know I have things to do too you're not the only one who has to do them

So I lay there for a while and finally get on my feet
And start to shuffle down the street I stuck my tongue inside my cheek before I
Pulled up a seat at that lousy corner bar
Where all the show off Bedford artists sit discussing who they are

I'm getting bored of being bored
I need attention I feel ignored

When I can't take it anymore
I kicked my stool and and slammed the door
If there's a remedy for this I'm sure I can't afford it
But I'll try anything and at that time I had a foolish plan
To mouth off to a polish man and have him kick my teeth in

Just for
Something to do
I might have a problem I need a clue

When I finally got back I cracked a smile and dusted off
And then I smoked another cigarette and threw it at my silhoutte
I should call it a day and maybe come up with something else
That might be better for my self esteem or better for my health

I'm just so bored of being bored
I need some attention I feel ignored
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