The Experimental Tropic Blues Band

Liège Rock City, Be
Artist / Band / Musician
Rock / Blues / Punk
Formed late 2000. The Dirty Wolf and Devil D'Inferno met at photography art school. First gig was made with a single bass drum and a broken banjo. The Boogie Snake entered the band a little bit later, (though he was playing with the Dirty Wolf in Seasick , belgian noise/punk band, since teenage) and played bass and guitar. They recorded their first demo in 2001. Second demo "Boogie Bastards" in 2003. The E.P. "Dynamite Boogie" in 2004. Hellelujah, their first record was released in January 2007. Since that release, the band has played in every corner of Europe and has had some troubles with justice for being too expressive on stage. These many experiences have left their marks on the already strong personnality of our three stage animals. Two years after, the diabolical trio is back with a new record: Captain Boogie! This record is undoubtedly nastier and harder, but also more personal and accomplished than the previous one, and the band has kept its willingness to throw itself body and soul into music. It's 2010 now and the band is working on a new album!!! They should go to the recording studio in a month or two!! WANNA BE KEPT POSTED BY OUR ACTIVITIES? => FEEL FREE TO SUSCRIBE TO OUR NEWSLETTER BY CLIKING HERE!!! => LIKE US ON FACEBOOK


CONTACTS (erase "(deletethis)" before to send your mail) The Band: experimental(deletethis) Management/Booking: jf(deletethis) Record Label: label(deletethis) STREET TEAM If you want to help us to promote our new record, be part of our street team!!! In exchange we'll offer to all our supporters records/posters/tickets to shows and all sort of goodies! For more infos, contact our label: label@(deletethis) Wanna buy CAPTAIN BOOGIE? Contact label@(deletethis) to ORDER IT (AVAILABLE ON CD'S & VINYLS)! FOR DIGITAL, CLICK ON ONE OF THE LINKS BELOW
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