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Roots Music / Soul / Country
Thee Headliners began as two piece that consisted of Holly "Hotbox" Morgan on drums and vocals and Jeremy "JT Halmfilst" Terry on guitar and vocals.

Forged from the ashes of a harsh breakup between Holly and JT, Thee Headliners began as a duo 8 years ago, transforming their former love energy into musical energy based on their shared love of sounds and desire for evolution and forgiveness.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

"Wearing their influences proudly, from pre-rock Americana’s folk and country roots to 60’s soul, from jazz and murder ballads to garage rock, the band’s sound is like a snowball effect of the past 90 years of American music-all rolled into one distortion-heavy package."

AP KRYZA-Willamette Week


Our latest all original LPCD, RAIN & BLOOD, is on Starcleaner Records, based out of Brooklyn, NY in conjunction with Family Plan records based here in Portland, Oregon. Dylan"Hamburger Chubs"Reilly(Juanita Family, Birds of War) on harmonica and bass was just what we needed to take us to the next level. It's also bolstered by the smoking keyboards of our good friend Roach aka Sugar(formerly of the Fireballs of Freedom, Starantula, the Weaklings) and the sweet vocal backups of Miss Lana Rebel(Last of the Juanitas, Juantia Family) and MLE Butler(Juanita Family, Music Arcade). The record was recorded at Great Magnet Recording Concerns by Rob Weston, who also contributed some very soulful howls.


WHAT THEY'RE SAYING THESE DAYS.----------------------------

"This Portland, Ore., garage-folk hybrid trio shuffles up and down the AM radio dial circa 1965, alternating between slightly dissonant snorts of rock, R&B, and country. Their new sophomore LP, Rain & Blood (Starcleaner), is chock-full of left-field hooks and strange energy."



"Their sloppy, soulful second record, Rain & Blood.dredges up the darkest corners of American music, coming up with something that I could call gothi-blues-abilly.when you've got a punk mentality mining the depths of garage, country, and R&B with very blunt instruments, it becomes clear how all these different musical genres are intertwined."

NED LANNAMANN-Portland Mercury


"3 Piece Headliners rockin' new one. Portland rocks!"

-Goner Records


"This record has more twists and turns than a dang rat maze. THEE HEADLINERS play like a band trying to cover a mix tape someone gave them in the late '60s (if tapes were around back then). Rain & Blood is good and if you're into country-influenced DIY rock (can't really call it punk, but that's OK) you should pick it up. (FS)" -MAXIMUM ROCK & ROLL summer/fall 2009


"In an ever-popular male-female duo, Holly lays out the drumbeats and JT plays guitars, in a caustic mix of the various genres they love; this includes rockabilly, punk, surf and Americana. Their second full-length, Rain & Blood, out this year on Starcleaner Records, was heralded as a truly strange and glorious hodgepodge of sounds. If only more heart-wrenching breakups led to such musical glory." - Maranda Bish PORTLAND MERCURY 11/26/09



This is one helluva album. Incorporating all the music genres that I love, Thee Headliners hit all the marks of Americana, invoking catchy elements of blues and country with male and female harmonies. Jeremy’s baritone vocals are nearly comical in “Howling at the Moon,” which found me doing just that. “Double Dutch” and “SketchCity” veer toward surf and bouncy, high octane garage rock. Just when I thought they wouldn’t throw me another curveball, they upped the ante with Holly’s soulful, “You Don’t Know.” All over the map, but good stuff. Recommended." –Kristen K -RAZORCAKE Jan 2010


"The band was first recommended to me, along with Pure Country Gold, at October's Garagefest while discussing local bands to rival the scene in Memphis. Not surprisingly, the best cuts off Rain & Blood are lively dive bar rock n' roll. The gruff JT Halmfilst and powerful Holly Hotbox shout it out over a charging riff on "Sketch City" while the organ bounces on girl group-loving "Uplifter '09" and whirls "Sourpuss" up into a go-going frenzy. Overall, it's a good-timing dance-friendly mix of blues and garage rock." -awmercy,

First full length cd released August 2005 on SE OUTLAW RECORDS.self titled cd called THE HEADLINERS. "sketch city-sugar mix" released on THE FUN HOUSE THING COMP II 2008. Sophmore full length vinyl lp/cd RAIN & BLOOD released on STARCLEANER RECORDS March 2009. "sturgeon" released on FAILING RECORDS comp 6/09. "end of the line" released on Songs Of Roxy Music Box Set/BURNING SKY RECORDS 9/09.---------------------------------------

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WE MADE THESE RECORDS all vinyl all Portland Comp-track:Uh Huh-june 2010-------

SONIC JETT RECORDS split 7" with HOWIE AND THE HOTKINVES!!-tracks:I'm Less+Squirrel!-june 2010

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