The Dirtbombs

Detroit, US
Artist / Band / Musician
LP's are on In The Red
This is an officially sanctioned MySpace page on behalf of Detroit rock n' roll band, the Dirtbombs. Please visit the official site for the latest news, tour dates, links, and a complete discography:

You can also consult the the Dirtbombs Wikipedia page which is kept pretty accurate, as far as anyone knows.

The new In The Red LP is We Have You Surrounded. There are also some new singles out there, some of which are only available at shows and/or record labels. Snoop and ask around. Also consult the discography on the official website.

This page is operated by Mr. Elwood D. Pennypacker (AKA Eric) of Brooklyn, NY, with help from the band, the official website, and all the fans who chip in. You can click the link to see what else I do. Please note that my content and opinions in other media are not associated or affiliated with the Dirtbombs in any way, which for the band's sake is probably a good thing.
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