Dallas, Texas, US
Artist / Band / Musician
Ironclad Recordings / Metal Blade
Since the release of their debut record "As the Coil Unwinds" in May of 2007, The Destro have been touring coast to coast playing anywhere from house parties to the stages of Ozzfest and Mayhem 08, ready to blast the band's brand of "old school brutal style" metal to as many as possible. After 2 years of grueling and often very trying tours across the United States, the band found themselves with an even stronger desire to forge forward and make an even louder and pummeling statement for their second release. During the time of writing, they were faced with many obstacles from lost relationships and even personal loss to homelessness and poverty in general. Channeling all of the negative energy and complete frustration for life into the jam room, the band dug further within focusing the entire sound of the band into the most primal and crushing statement they could have possibly put to tape.

The result of this became HARMONY OF DISCORD, an absolute monster , since released it has served as a direct punch- in- the- throat answer to all popular trends and a direct "fuck you" to any and all scenes.
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