iConductor Conducts the Walton High School Orchestra - Video
PUBLISHED:  Feb 12, 2014
This orchestral cover of the Styx classic Mr. Roboto was a collaborative effort between the Walton Robotics team and the combined Walton High School Orchestras for performance at Kennesaw State University on December 13, 2013.

Mr. Roboto
Words and Music by Dennis DeYoung
Arrangement by Perry Holbrook

Walton Orchestras:
Walton Chamber Orchestra
Walton Philharmonia
Walton Sinfonia
Perry Holbrook, Director
Sara Grimes, Assistant Director

Walton Robotics Team:
Brian Benton, Director
Raquel Manrique, Project Lead

Camera shots by Jake Till and David Testa
Canon 7D shots - Jake Till, edited by Jake Till, Till Productions
Recorded by David Testa, Sound´╗┐ Mill Recording
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