The Dacios - Monica - Video
PUBLISHED:  May 07, 2012
From The 2009 Album - "Monkeys Blood"

1. Liberty Lovers
2. Monica
3. Monkeys Blood
4. Buzzard's Hide
5. Grey Machine
6. Girl In The Mirror
7. Shoe Size

It doesn't really matter what Monica is about, the fact that it'll most likely blow your head off upon first listen is the important thing. Taken from their album Monkey's Blood, the song - clocking in at just under five minutes - is a beast. Starting with quick snare and a guitar riff that sounds like it could come off an early Bored! record it builds and builds before vocalist Linda J steps in to own it. Writing about a voice like Linda J's is futile. You can use reference points -- Joan Jett, early PJ Harvey, Kathleen Hanna, a punk rock Lucinda Williams -- or adjectives such as "snarling", "raw" or "nuclear", but just listen to her scream the chorus and it all makes perfect sense.
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