The Coke Dares

Bloomington, Indiana, US
Artist / Band / Musician
Classic Rock / Rock / Punk
SA aka Essay --
We evolve as the shared molecules that we are mutate, soar, & die. In other words: we got together as a one-time thing to play Jose Mignorance's wedding reception. We were supposed to do a bunch of classic rock songs: Zep, Floyd, Dylan, Top; but none of us learned more than the first verse & chorus---assuming one of the other guys would 'shed it (intended) and subsequently fill us in. So we're playing "Over The Hills" to kick off the gig and we all suddenly STOP right when the kind of funky bridge part should start. Sort of look at each other and Beachdawg says "Thank You!!" to cover our asses and we real quick count off "Girls Got Rhythm" and it starts good but same shit at the change. So 'Dawg shouts "Thank You" and straight into "Roadhouse." Over and over all night; by the end we'd played at least 230 songs. Packin' up and Jose brings us our bread. Seventy-five bucks? Not bad for an hour and a quarter. So we figure we write a buncha originals that're even shorter and we can bank it even more. AND not shell out for the damn royalties either. Knife. So that's what we do and here we are. With the molecules.

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