The Clutters

NASHVILLE, Tennessee, US
Artist / Band / Musician
Rock / Punk / Indie
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The Clutters grew organically out of a garage in Nashville, TN. Their sound is vintage, hooky, and more than anything, fun. On their second long-player, The Clutters sound like a polished 70's rock 'n' roll act-- poised to rock your face off or destroy a hotel room. They produce raucous and catchy tunes appropriate for running from the cops, bar fighting, breaking out of jail, or similar illicit activity. Thunderous guitar and drums are bolstered by controlled-angst vocals. The raw, country-tinged tracks on Don't Believe A Word will undoubtedly be the most fun listening experience you've had in ages. Any critic who has recently etched the words "rock 'n' roll is dead" has yet to hear the classic sound of The Clutters.

I'm a little late on this one: The debut blast from this Nashville anomaly, a straight-ahead garage-rock band complete with Farfisa organ, came out last spring. But the Clutters have a loose notion of place and time -- with a push and punch ("Crack Your Heart," "Oh!") back-dated to Fifties Memphis and Hamburg's Star Club in the mid-Sixties -- so I'm not so far behind the eight ball. I've yet to see the band live, but I damn well know what to expect when I do.

-David Fricke - Rolling Stone

Most impressive is the sense one gets that this band is simply doing what it wants to do, and doing it in a city that plays host to lightly fluffed pop and glossy production. -Cameron Lawrence - Paste Magazine

“They’re simply the band you wished were playing your bash. Intuitive with the handclaps, messy with the cymbals and clockwise with the volume knobs.” -- CMJ

"The Clutters' clearly revel in making fun, rebellious and catchy rock songs. When Lehmann announces, "I'm a bat out of hell / and I'm ready to rail" in the middle of "Surrender," it's hard not to get onboard, and immediately chime in." Lily Percy, NPR - Song of the Day

"The music has a fearless, untamed energy that shames most of their too–cool–for–rock–school, retro contemporaries." David Browne, Blender
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