The Child Forgives and Creates

Harlingen, Texas, US
Artist / Band / Musician
Indie / Ambient / Other
In the words of Dalel Serda of "Slipstream Magazine": I came across The Child Forgives & Creates purely by accident; on a warm spring evening I walked into their performance, took a seat, for if it's a choice I suggest you do so, and found myself closing my eyes. Imagine that single girl of your dreams; she's perfect silky smooth skin, her creamy pale lips caressing yours; she's morose and competitively sexy and she's inspired you to drop everything in your life and take the longest road trip to nowhere justly, you wish to experience what she has in those vast angular planes of her life. The Child Forgives and Creates hails from the southernmost tip of Texas, in the sleepy town of Harlingen, amidst a collaboration of dust, open pasture and the synergy that comes from having too much time on your hands and too much burning orange sky above to seduce you. They sound and feel like the cradle of incredible lovemaking. They are undoubtedly the first or second estranged cousins of Mogwai but have zero, recollection of having met them. They've come to bring you moments of solitary enlightenment and I suggest that you open up your inquisitive mind and let them reel you in.

We have our 2006 release and Bridge T-Shirts available here and at shows.Bridge T-Shirt design:


Navy Blue with Grey Lettering
Tan with Grey Lettering

The Child Forgives and CreatesSelf-titled (40:20)
Track listing:
The West Was Lost 4:56
Canoe in the Waves 4:55
Lighthouse 21:20
Building Bridge 6:49
Waiting Room 2:14
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