The Bohannons

Artist / Band / Musician
Rock / Garage / Psychedelic
Brothers Matt and Marty Bohannon have long been creating and collaborating musically. Beginning in the early 90's, in a duplex garage the brothers first transferred sound onto a cassette tape inside a four-track recorder. From that moment on, they formed an instant capability to blend classic and modern influence. The soundscapes emanate country, blues and folk standards fused together with rock, punk and power pop structures.
Critics' comparisons to other bands are broad and vast. Roky Erikson, Crazy Horse, Hellacopters, Frank Black and The Band are often mentioned in describing The Bohannons sound. Upon their first release, Songs for the Disenfranchised, the band garnered a quick respect from contemporaries as well as promoters. In addition to frequent regional tours, The Bohannons were invited to perform at 2008's Mucklewain Festival. That same year they would complete their first tour of England.
The Bohannons have also long hosted national and international artists within their hometown of Chattanooga, a mid-size post-industrial southern city with a burgeoning art scene. The land and the population around the Bohannons are indicative of the material generated by the band. Often described as 'southern influence' the band prefers 'regionally inspired' music. The Bohannons goal is to create narrative, based on personal experience as much as musical influence.
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