The Black Box

Artist / Band / Musician
Funk / Rock / Jazz
Beyond the physics of the particle or wave. Beyond supersymmetry and M-theory. Beyond all comprehensible dimensions spatial and temporal, lies the box. The groove manifestations churning within the box are experienced differently by every being who encounters them, but credible accounts all agree on the following vibrational elements:

Drums, Guitar, Keys, Bass, and Trombone.

The catalogue and study of box emissions has become a preoccupation for an elite crew of specialists. The discoveries made by these men are redefining cosmology and integrating the box into a unified perspective on existence, reality, energy, matter, and life itself.

Denvil - Bass Systems Analysis,

Dale - Drum Cipher and Algorithms,

Andre - Guitar Calculus,

Thomas - Key Point Cartography,

Charles - Trombone Phonetics.

The body of work created by these galilean pioneers is ever expanding. These pages outline their most notable efforts. Detailed study of the black box phenomenon is encouraged; however a visceral understanding can only be achieved through direct contact with the box itself. Predicted co-ordinates and time scales of the box are available to the public in the section on encounter chronology.
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