The Black Angels - Black Grease (Official Video) - Video
PUBLISHED:  Jun 07, 2013
'Black Grease' is taken from 'The Black Angels' very first release and self titled EP 'The Black Angels'. The EP was released back in 2005 on 'Light In The Attic'. That same year the band made two self-released EPs 'Who Will Survive and What Will Be Left of Them?' and 'The Sniper at The Gates of Dawn' of which both featured the track 'Black Grease' and for those lucky enough to have a copy Christian Bland actually hand numbered each one in green ink!!

Later in 2011 'Light In The Attic' re-released 'The Black Angels' first two official EPs as a compilation LP called 'Another Nice Pair'.

To find out more info about 'The Black Angels' check out the following links:

At MLUTV this was also the very first track we ever heard by 'The Black Angels' and needless to say we've been hooked ever since.

Watch more Black Angels videos on MLUTV:

Entrance Song:
Don't Play With Guns:
The Sniper at The Gates of Heaven:
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