The Bedrooms

Brooklyn, New York, US
Artist / Band / Musician
Rock / Indie
keeping an eye on them is not as easy as it may seem. listen, when it comes to the bedrooms you have to take everything you hear with a grain of salt - or perhaps even a pound.*

having moved to brooklyn in august of '06 with a book of songs, a guitar and a stolen watch, daniel cassady at once went searching for a job, an apartment, and someone to play music with. instead of finding any of the things that he so longed for, he found an undercover new york city police officer and ended up spending anywhere from 2 days to a week and a half in jail. the reason for his incarceration or the exact time he was released cant be calculated due to the records being classified, missing or stolen.

an associate of mine was able to ascertain, thru methods unknown to me, that it was after this stint of imprisonment that daniel met one andrew james. after leaving the prison, daniel supposedly walked around his new home for hours finally settling at a bar in the east village. after several large scotches and a few pints, daniel decided to play some songs on the jukebox.the band, buddy holly, the gorillaz, and noel coward. it was during the noel coward song that daniel was attacked from behind, leaving him unconscious. upon realizing he knocked out the wrong person (his original target having left the bar hours prior), andrew helped daniel regain consciousness. it was not long afterwards that they struck up a partnership.

eric novod came into fold after daniel and andrew, having read an article written by mr. novod in a popular music magazine, tracked down his address using unknown channels and planned their first kidnapping. after keeping eric in a disused elevator in a warehouse in brooklyn for three days without food or water, he was told he would be freed under one condition. he was forced to play one song with them, hungry and blindfolded. if he did well he would be free. if not.well lets say i cant imagine the outcome would have been favorable.

luckily he passed the test and instead of freedom, he suggested they continue to play music together.

thus the bedrooms were born.

with all due respect and admiration,

martin porteur

*all information is as complete as possible at the time of the publication of this article. sources cannot be disclosed due to confidentiality agreements. for any and all question please contact

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