The Beatle

New York, US
Artist / Band / Musician
French pop / Dutch pop / German pop
If the melodic rock of The Buzzcocks, the fist-pumping energy of Cocksparrer, and the raw punk of Black Flag co-mingled and produced an illegitimate spawn, it would be The Sharp Lads. Their unique sound has been caressing the ears and heartstrings of New York City since the summer of 2010, when Dave Tierney (guitar, vocals) and Ariel Stulberg (guitar) persuaded Kurt Wahlstrom (bass) and Tim Ireland (drums) to create the four-piece group. Dave and Kurt were former bassists and junior members of the popular ska band, the Allstonians, and Tim may have been found at a flea market, but was the missing link to create the driving force behind the band's harmonious hits.
The Sharp Lads took off in its new environs, playing gigs in the hottest venues across New York City and crafting new material in preparation for their first full-length album, the much anticipated "Something to Scream About" that was released in the summer of 2011. With the recent addition of Rob Fudge (guitar) to the lineup, impossible licks and obscene showmanship are now an every show occurrence for the The Sharp Lads who will heading back into the studio this summer to record their much anticipated second album!
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