Stockholm, Stockholms län, SE
Artist / Band / Musician
Surf / Garage / Rock
Wild Records
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In the Summer of 1997 the Barbwires released their first 7" on their own label KOOK RECORDS. Before that, the band had recorded a demo (Produced by Lars Kjellén, The Daytonas [the first Swedish surfband ever] ) and made a couple of local shows. After the release of their debut EP and a lot of interest in Swedish media they Lollipop (a very big festival in Stockholm, Sweden). The EP was distributed by the bandmembers only in Sweden and in the US. After an excellent review in Surf Music Usa (Robert Dalley) the knowledge of the band resulted in many overseas orders. The first 7" sold 500 copies. READ MORE

Rattlehead (Kook Rec./HOK) 7" 1997

Swedish Sins 2 (White Jazz/HOK) CD Comp. 1998

See That Seagal (Zorch Rec/HOK) 7" 1999

Chicken Race (Zorch Rec/HOK) 7” 2000

…Sounds Like Trouble (Zorch Rec/HOK) CD 2001

Battle of Surfbands (Zorch Rec) Comp 7" 2001

Live & Jive Legends (Enviken Records) CD Comp 2005

Continental Magazine 14 CD - CT014 (Double Crown Records ) CD Comp 2007

The way it really was (Dreams of legends) - DVD Box 2007

Go Go Gasoline (Hep Town Records) CD Comp 2008

Mad Fabricators Volume 5 (Mad Fabricators Society) DVD Box 2008

Wild Ride! (Go-Kustom Rekords) CD Comp GKR-033 2008

Continental Magazine 15 CD - CT015 (Double Crown Records ) CD Comp 2008

Vintage Torque vol 2 (Cool Stuff) DVD 2008

Searider (Wild Records) CD 2008

Further Beyond the Sea CD045 (Cordelia Records) CD Comp 2009

Continental Magazine 16 CD - CT016 (Double Crown Records ) CD Comp 2009

Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly weekend 12 (VLV cd 012) CD comp 2009

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