Barbarian Horde

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The Barbarians were formed in late 2001 originally as a jazz quartet. We got over that idea relatively quickly and have been performing funky, soulful original music ever since, plus the one or two eighties covers here and there for good measure. Since then, we have put out two self-released albums, played a whole bunch of venues in New York and on the east coast, and have expanded to the Horde, which often a ten to twelve piece outfit. We are currently looking for management, a web designer, and a label to record and distribute our album, so if you like our music and want to help, let me know! And if you would like to just support the music, please stay tuned for more shows coming your way. 6-12 on the profile are courtesy of the amazing Jen Trail! Thanks, girl! "One thing you need to know about this album for sure: It's fun as all

get out. So, having said that, we can move on to why this 11 piece

funk outfit from Brooklyn may be providing the soundtrack to your

next let-loose Saturday night. With a band this big, there is

seemingly no limit to the variances in sound and structure they can

bring to the table. These folks recognize this and use this power

wisely, never resting on one section of the band to hold them up for

too long. While the six member horn section certainly does a lot of

work throughout the course of these songs, the same can be said for

the rhythm section, which is tireless and dead on in maintaining the

grooves. However, let us not forget this is a fun record, and that

laid back approach is evident in the resulting feel of the album.

There aren't a whole lot of vocals, instead the soloing players say

it all, stepping up and stepping back, letting loose when the right

time comes. Upbeat and a crazy good time, these guys will keep you on

your feet and keep you guessing about what's coming next."

-CD Baby (Jan. 2007)

“Unquestionably heavy funk…the embodiment of chill…boundless energy”

Katie Vrabel- WBURG.COM (Nov. 2005)

“Blessed with soul, talent, and (an) infectious stage presence….their sound encapsulates a fine mixture if influences into one giant rhythmic aphrodisiac.”

Joe O’Brien-Cityzen (October 15, 2003)

“Possibly crazy, certainly over-stimulated—but hardly barbaric—this frantic foursome produces a hyper-literate brand of booty music. Take two parts James Brown, one part John Zorn, a dash of Dirty Dozen, and a splash of Sex Mob—and you’ve got yourself A Fine Time”

Nate Chinen (New York Times Jazz Critic) Nov. 2003 commenting on the Barbarians first album

Watch "Nice Footage"! The Barbarians live at the Tea Lounge in Brooklyn. Shot and Edited by Marie Le Claire

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