BURBANK, California, US
Artist / Band / Musician
Garage / Surf / Psychedelic
VOXX,BOMP and later on Rhino, etc.
0DD10 and i are working together on some great Music
The Pandoras Official Profile

THANK YOU Everyone for your continued support of The Pandoras.
First and foremost, I would like to Thank a very special person, GARY WILDE. Gary managed The Pandoras for many years from the very humble beginning, Certainly without his ultimate dedication and true caring for the band,The Pandoras would not have reached the level of success that exists for the bandtoday!! Thank You Gary!! Grateful, Julie Patchouli
I AM Julie Patchouli, Bass player for The Pandoras, I was in the famed second version of 'Paula's Doras' minus Gwynne and Bambi. THE DESCRIPTION BELOW IS FROM VOXX/BOMP RECORDS:
The Pandoras were the queens of American garage music. Formed around 1983 by Gwynne Kahn and Paula Pierce (both veterans of various local bands), the Pandoras went through numerous line-up changes, including the most celebrated one, where Gwynne was kicked out of the band, and retaliated by forming her own Pandoras for awhile. Julie Patchouli, played bass guitar and was the second of two bass players, eventually moved on and into a band called Out Of the Fire. Out of the Fire was produced by the famous Bruce Joyner, lead man and crooner of the late seventies band 'Bruce Joyner and the Unknowns'. Bruce has now joined forces with Out of the Fire to form the The Reconstruction. The original line-up, the 'Paula's Dora's' made an EP for Moxie Records and various demos with Bill Inglot and Chris Ashford, but their high mark was the album for Voxx, produced by Gary Stern at his Silvery Moon studio (where so many garage classics were laid down) with help from Greg Shaw. After Gwynne and a couple others left, the group made their ultimate single, "Hot Generation", traveled to New York for a fabulous concert with the Fuzztones, then went to Rhino to record the classic album "Stop Pretending",
Julie Patchouli played bass on this release at the beginning of the session, while Kim Shattuck entered the band at the conclusion of the 'Stop Pretending' session and played bass on the latter part of the recording. Shortly after the release of 'Stop Pretending', The Pandoras underwent a dramatic change in musical style. Check Out my Web Site for more details at: WWW.THEPANDORAS.COM
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