Brothers Conti

VAN NUYS, Cagliari, US
Artist / Band / Musician
R&B / Soul / Funk
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Well here we are. Born in San Clemente, CA to Carmen Conti and Melinda Lecomte.Relocating to Portland OR just eight months after we were born.Growing up without a father was extremely difficult.But we had an amazing mother who protected us and taught us some of the major lessons in life and love.("Living and Loving").Our father was a professional drummer and my mother played gutair and sang,they met in a band ironically.

We started imitating at a very young age as music was circulating all around us.Elvis,Michael Jackson, The Police, etc. We began to get noticed by our family and friends for our voices.We would sing for anyone and everyone all the time, and loved to perform but never took it seriously.

We moved from school to school because of our bad behavior and because we had no father around it was extremely hard on my mother.Cutting up and constantly getting involved with the wrong crowd, caused distress to our family.When we were twelve we moved again to Spokane, Washington.Their one of our family friends Carol Rendell inspired us to sing all the more bringing friend after friend to here us perform.

One day a man came over and heard us and immediately wanted to help us pursue our music.We accepted and started to realize that music was something we could devoutly pursue and something of a calling as well.

As years passed we met numerous Producers and managers who were impressed by our talent and wanted to work with us, but they never seemed to fit the shoe.One day through a mutual friend we met an amazing man who lived in Los Angeles and produced music as well as was signed to RCA records.He loved our voices and the virtue he saw in us.We felt the same respect and adoration toward him as well and so we signed with him and his partner Andy Duncan to their Production Label.

We started on an incredible journey of making beautiful music that lasted for a few years and then the day finally came.We were noticed by James Foster the sister of The Great David Foster and Warner Brothers Records.We flew to Los Angeles for what was to be one of the biggest meetings of our lives.The Joy, Nerves, and years of Excitement all came down to moments like this and all our hard work finally paid off.We were signed to Warner Brothers Records On the spot in 2002.

Our life completely changed.We worked with amazing producers such as Swizz Beats, The Black Eyed Peas, DJ Quik ect.It was an amazing and turbulent ride which eventually came to an end in 2005.After almost 3 years of working on an album our artistic views we felt were not getting accepted, and never would.We were dropped off the label because of numerous reasons.

In 2005 while still trying to pursue our musical career Tyler Conti overdosed on the drugs he became addicted too during the three years on the label.He survived by the grace of God and went through a short rehab.The real healing came through his own desire to change his life and better himself.He willed himself with the help of God through AA meetings, CA meetings, etc. to Get the results he now has and is proud to say he has 1 year and 4 months sober of all substances.

This year Taylor Conti fell to his own physical Illness through drinking and partying as well.He was out of work and music for at least 4 months.But now he is proud to say that he is back pursuing his musical career and the will of God for his life.

These two brothers through all there trials and tribulations still remain hopeful and faithful that they will accomplish what they were sent here to do.That is Spread love to the world through music and to be a light unto the world.Tyler Conti now goes under the name Tyimliss and Taylor goes under the name Feenix.

They are at the moment pursuing they're solo careers but collaborate often and hope to make an album together in the future.Be on The lookout for these brothers, They aspire to bring True Love back into The world through music.
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