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5/18/08. New video up

Most of the sound clips are from my newest CD, "Aum"; available at

"Emberfall". New clip 2-26-08. This is a rough demo version of a new song i'm working on for the upcoming CD. Remember it's ROUGH and far from the final version, and at 5mins plus it's still only part of the song.

New clip up called "Change the World" from my old band. i put it up because i like the tune alot and it's going to be re done (better, stronger, faster) for the upcoming CD i'm writing now. Greg Kalember's fingers on the drums and Rob Fiorentino on bass. Hope ya like it.

Also. i teach in the White Plains, NY area. i have a few openings right now; if you live around the area and are interested, let me know.

The Alchemists II has just been released. It's a compilation of guitatists from Liqid Note Records. Tons of amaizing players, if you're a fan of virtuosic guitar playing. i contributed a track with current Guns and Roses guitarist Bumblefoot (aka Ron Thal).

A brief list of various stuff i've done ( i won't even get into my careers in Astrophysics, world peace, pirating, shark wrestling and a tenure as a triple secret agent for the British government).

-17 years experience teaching, both privately and in a classroom environment.

-Senior faculty at the National Guitar Workshop

-Worked with/ performed with: Paul Gilbert (RacerX, Mr. Big, solo), John Petrucci (Dream Theater), Marty Friedman (Megadeth, solo), Zakk Wilde (Ozzy Osboourne, Black Label Society), Allan Holdsworth, Reb Beach (Winger, Whitesnake), Vinnie Moore, Ty Tabor (Kings X, solo), Brett Garsed.

-Author of "Shred is not Dead" , book, and dvd guitar instructional series on Alfred publishing. Author of "Unearthed Arcana", CDR instructional.

-Worked with the Trans Siberian Orchestra

-Studio musician for numerous TV commercials and film, including a season of "The Highlander" TV series, ESPN, Kool Aid, Disney, Dairy Queen, Olive Garden, Max Factor etc.

-Played in various semi successful bands in the Pittsburgh, Boston and NYC areas.

-Released two solo CDs, "Obscura" and "Aum".

-Played on various guitar compilations , including The Alchemists Vol. 2 - Liquid Note Records (2006)

The Alchemists Vol. 1 - Liquid Note Records (2002)

Warmth in the Wilderness - Tribute to Jason Becker - Lion Music (2000)

Crushing Days - Tribute to Joe Satriani - Progressive Arts Music (2000)

Fresh Blood - Progressive Arts Music (2000)

Lick This - Guitar 2001 Magazine Compilation CD (1999)

Studio Production Projects - Berklee College of Music (1992)

-Appeared in Guitar PLayer, Guitar for the practicing Musician, Guitar One, Guitar techniques, Guitar and Axe magazines as well as the New York Times and Washington Observer newspapers.

-Endorser of Jackson guitars

-graduated from Berklee College of Music with a BM.
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