Terror Danjah

Hard City, US
Artist / Band / Musician
Grime / R&B / Hip Hop
DJ Dates
26th November - Penhouse Birmingham
3rd December - Exeter - Lemon Grove
11th December - La Cheetah Glasgow
17th December - Corsica Studios London
22nd December - East Village London
2nd January - Groove Milton Keynes
4th February - Berghain Germany
Terror Danjah isn’t a household name, he’s not as well known as Wiley or Dizzee Rascal, but he’s considered by the grime cognoscenti to be the best grime producer ever.

The title of the album is a reference to the Gremlin cackle Terror uses as an audio-logo to indicate a Terror Danjah production, much like Timbaland’s singing/beat boxing on his early productions.

Terror Danjah, D Double E & Triple Threat_Rinse Fm by Terror Danjah on Mixcloud
However, the comparison with Timbaland doesn’t stop there, both producers worked with a signature palate of sounds, adding to them occasionally, which make their productions instantly recognisable. Both producers use shifting, syncopated rhythms. What makes Terror different was that he’s British, he works around the tempo of 140 bpm, and his music is part of the aggressive post-garage movement of grime. Terror also worked with both mcs and vocalists, from Nasty Crew, Skepta, Wiley, to Shystie, Shola Ama and now Mz Bratt, he worked with the best mcs in the game when grime was the most exciting music around.

These tracks were mostly issued on limited vinyl releases on the Aftershock label, as either instrumental tracks for mcs to clash over and djs to play or as backing for mcs and singers. If you want to hear a precursor to Joker, and the new Bristol producers, here it is. Despite the pared down palette he uses, Terror’s productions are full of brilliant ideas, complex rhythms and pop hooks and until now, despite being lauded by those in the know, he’s been underappreciated. This collection of his instrumentals, remixes and tracks for others, is a good chance to show off his singular genius to the rest of the world.
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