Tender Trap

London, US
Artist / Band / Musician
Indie / Pop Punk
Fortuna Pop!/Matinee Recordings
Tender Trap is Katrina Dixon, Rob Pursey, Emily Bennett, Amelia Fletcher, and John Stanley (aka DJ Downfall). Tender Trap play indie pop-punk songs, with a feminist edge, fuzzy guitars, and bucketfuls of
glorious girl harmonies
Tender Trap started in 2001 with Amelia Fletcher and Rob Pursey and a small 8 track machine. John Stanley (aka DJ Downfall) joined the band to help create rhythm tracks and play the bass. They weren't
originally intending to be a live band, but were enticed to become one after being offered a gig with Magnetic Fields, one of their favourite groups.
The first album (Film Molecules) came out in 2002, a new single (Language Lessons EP) came out at the end of 2005, and a second album (6 Billion People) came out in May/June 2006, released on Fortuna
Pop!/Matinee Recordings. This latter album featured Claudia Gonson (Magnetic Fields) on drums and vocals.
Before Tender Trap, Rob and Amelia had already won their place as indie pop veterans through playing in Talulah Gosh, Heavenly, Marine Research and Sportique. John had played in Dweeb, as well as recording in his own right as DJ Downfall.
In 2010, the band re-emerged after a prolonged hiatus as a full five-piece band, with additional members Katrina Dixon (ex-Police Cat and Sallly Skull) and Elizabeth Morris (from Allo Darlin).
They released a well-received album (Dansette Dansette) as well as three singles from the album (Fireworks, Do You Want A Boyfriend?, Girls With Guns, Dansette Dansette).
In 2011, Emily Bennett (from Betty And The Werewolves) replaced Elizabeth, who had become very busy with Allo Darlin. The band have completed a new album (Ten Songs About Girls), which is due out in
July 2012.
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