Teen Getaway

Birmingham, Alabama, US
Artist / Band / Musician
Punk / Rock / Soul
Hits and Missives
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We Have Signal: Live From Birmingham - Teen Getaway from We Have Signal on Vimeo.

Teen Getaway is a band that is always moving.

Songs push and pull, expand and contract, ebb and flow. They are little dervishes that evaporate in an instant but leave a lasting impression. You might wanna listen closely… And more than once.

Likewise, in these little contraptions are characters who are always in a state of flux. These little figments contemplate jumping, they avoid capture, they revel in empty decadence, they implore you to not be so alone and come out for drinks. They stand still only to think about what they should do next.

These little figments are the core of Nighthawks, the latest short-form release from these Birmingham, Alabama purveyors of Bubblegum Skronk.

Teen Getaway recorded Nighthawks themselves on their own equipment, later taking their bytes and bits to musician / engineer Nick Punch (Lonseome Spirit Device, Crane Orchard, Audomobil?) for mixing and additional treatments at Boutwell Studios. He is a tall man of terrific character. His acoustic guitar saved the album.

The people that are Teen Getaway came together at The University of Montevallo (one of the country’s only publicly funded liberal-arts institutions) early in the 21st Century. They had all been there for some time. They are late bloomers. They like to play loud. They are: James Pee Fahy (guitars and vocals), Janet E. Simpson (guitars, vocals, and keys), Spencer C. Shoults (the drums), and Andy Sizemore (the bass guitar).

Teen Getaway is planning on playing a bunch of shows in 2009. Additionally, they are working on new material and hoping to record another frenetic salvo sooner than later. They are releasing Nighthawks on their own Hits and Missives imprint.

Nighthawks is available locally at shows and Greencup Books. You may also order physical copies from Interpunk or download it (sigh) at Dowloadpunk.
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