Teenage Kings

Zurich, CH
Artist / Band / Musician
Garage / Punk / Rock
Subversive Records
The Teenage Kings deliver rip-off-garage-trash, fast-as-fuck, dirty and raw chainsaw riffs, lust and the sweat of beer. Their songs are built up of two chorus, two lines, a guitar solo and never take more than two minutes of your attention. Therefore they have played with great bands such as the Zodiac Killers, the Dirtbombs, the Columbian Neckties or the Monsters.

The Teenage Kings are a three-piece band coming outta Zurich, Switzerland. 1999 while pub-crawling, Milieu Heinz, Enfant Terrible and Oli found out that drinking beer in company is more fun and formed a band. One year later the Teenage Kings released their first single «Dont Fool Me» on Zurich Chainsaw Massacre Records. In 2003 Oli was replaced by Thaiboy on the bass.

In their hometown the Teenage Kings play regularly in the smoky basements, where the booze is cheap. However, there are nice people outside of Zurich who let the Kings play their desert storm set. Highlights were the tours in Germany (2002) and Italy (2004). In April 2005 the Teenage Kings played ten shows in Germany, France and Austria with the fabulous 69 Charger from the Netherlands

Together with Hukedicht, the Teenage Kings released the split- CD/LP «Fist Fight Story» in December 2005 including a cover version of «We Are The World» featuring all punk rock celebrities from Zurich and Winterthur. The release was followed by gigs all over Switzerland and a tour in the Netherlands and Germany.

In October 2006 the Teenage Kings have released their debut album: «Desperate As Fuck» consists of 13 lo-fi trash-songs with a total running time of 20 minutes. It was recorded in two days.


2002, 7" Teenage Kings «Don`t Fool Me», ZCM-Rec. 001

2005, 7" Teenage Kings«Hit Me», ZCM-Rec. 015

2005, Split-CD/LP, Teenage Kings/Hukedicht «Fist Fight Story», Disctrade

2006, 12"/CD Teenage Kings«Desperat As Fuck», Subversive Records

contact: teenagekings@bluemail.ch

/ www.teenagekings.ch
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