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The TEENAGE HARLETS don't play rock & roll -- they play danger. Flying a defiant finger in the face of the San Francisco garage scene since 1999, TEENAGE HARLETS style rock has no tiresome monologs, no politics, no talking, no tuning, no fancy knobs or effects. They play revved up, stripped down, non-stop short attention-span surf-garage-punk-rock-mayhem that will have you singing and dancing while you run for your life. Worried? No need to fear. Thanks to Springman Records and the latest in garage-based recording technology, you can dance along in the relative safety of your own home as the HARLETS tear through 22 songs in 30 minutes on their new record, Up the Fixx, in stores July 11th, 2006.

you may have already seen teenage harlets at one of 35 shows of Warped Tour 2004 (which i swear is way more punk rock than it sounds). they played with The Phenomenauts, Groovie Ghoulies, River City Rebels, The Goons and some new bands called "NOFX" and "Bad Religion" that they've never heard of but seem to somehow have a following. oh yeah i think there were some other bands there too.

teenage harlets recently gained wide recognition at the 2006 SXSW music festival by playing 18 shows, 15 of which were surprise (read that uninvited) appearances between bands at outdoor venues all across Austin.

the harlets have 8 CD, 7" and 12" releases to date, including "up the fixx", their new LP that is so good you'll pee yourself, out now on Springman Records.

click on the link below and get this nifty tour poster for free when you buy our new record from Interpunk (while supplies last).

Up the fixx

Checkout Springman Records for more news.

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this is our last show, bitches !!! miss it and you miss out !!!!

check out johnny dee's new band.their debut will be june 22nd at thee parkside. san francisco.more info go to www.myspace.com/theehorrorx

.fuck off now !!!
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