This Day Will Burn

Osijek, CT
Artist / Band / Musician
Hardcore / Punk / Screamo
BNP Records, Cheers Records, Emuzah Records
The story of This Day Will Burn begins in the summer of 2003. Due to some disagreements, the members of Learning English decided to split and form a new band, adding a new drummer. The band started rehearsing in August of 2003. The first line up, as the present one, is: Igich (bass & vocals), Chule (guitar), Buda (guitar) and Antun (drums).

Their first release was the Greyness EP in the winter of 2004, containing four self-recorded songs. After that, the band started playing in towns all over Croatia. 2006 was a very productive year for the band. They were featured on the Brand New Place Records No One Dies Alone compilation, together with bands from all over Croatia. Half a year later they went to record their first full-length album How the Mighty Have Fallen, which was also released on Brand New Place Records in October 2005. It has 11 tracks all recorded in Socijala studios in Novi Sad (SCG). The album achieved great reviews which described the sound as a versatile mix of slow, introspective and fast and ferocious rhythm and harmony. 2006 saw the band reach out beyond the borders of their small country.

As for the style of music they play, it is not easy to pinpoint the exact music style they fit into. Some described their sound as mid 90s, Ebullition style emocore, but the band tries to stay faithful to the music they grew up on. The best description would be post hardcore with a punkrock attitude, with bands like Nomeansno, New Bomb Turks, SNFU, Minor threat, Fugazi, Jawbreaker, At the drive-in being the most powerful guidelines in the creative process.

This day will burn look forward to a future full of creating and performing

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