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"A dense onslaught of guitar and wailing vocals that wears its rock & roll heart on its black-T-shirt sleeve."


Daniel Kloza. Jenine Cali. KC Wells. Frederic Charles. Las Vegas, NV. Taking from the punk, new wave and alternative movements of the 80's and 90's, the three have incorporated bits and pieces of each and created a rock style unique to themselves. The rebellious "against the grain" attitude of punk, the melody and accessibility of new wave mixed in with the angst of alt/rock.

Releasing their first CD, Do You Feel Better Now?, to outstanding reviews in 2001, The day after. have focused on touring mainly throughout their native Southwest and releasing quality albums.

Their last record, A Different Way To Get By (Gotham Records 2006), was released to amazing reviews and garnered the band its most significant commercial success. The record spawned TWO hit singles, "Brand New Skin" and "Car Crash". The latter of which is the bands' most successful single to date - having been included on the video game POPSTAR GUITAR and being named the 1 most requested song on KOMP 92.3's Homegrown Show for all of 2008. The song also finished undefeated in KXTE107.5's "Mail Room" competition defeating songs by Muse, 30 Seconds to Mars, Say Anything, Madina Lake, and P.O.D. in 5 consecutive nights via fan vote. The trio have also toured relentlessly on the record having toured the West Coast several times and also completing a successful national tour. 500+ shows to date and counting.

The band hopes to continue that success and also their "substance with style" philosophy with the release of their fifth album, Black Heart Symphony, which will be independently released this Spring.

"This record is long overdue. The last 2 years have been pretty rough and it shows in most of these songs", says singer/guitarist Jenine Cali.

Considered by the band to be their absolute best work, Black Heart Symphony is a snapshot of a band at its most reflective and most creative with songs that keep with the bands true, yet evolving alternative sound like "This Is Risky Business", "Lights Off" and "A Tiny Dusty Arsenal". Also, songs that dive into more experimental territory like "Our Pet Lion" and "Leeches".

Having shared the stage with bands such as Hawthorne Heights, Angels and Airwaves, The Brian Jonestown Massacre, EVE 6, Face To Face, Joan Jett and Soul Asylum, among many others, bassist KC Wells cant wait to play the new songs live.

"Playing live is where we get to give these songs a new, raw energy. When you can really hear them natural. Without the bells and whistles." Though a huge evolution from past releases, Black Heart Symphony contains the honesty and sincerity that The day after has always included, and become known for, on record and on stage.



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