Artist / Band / Musician
Drum & Bass / Breakbeat / Electronica
Digital Soundboy
Most TPower fans describe his past works as "progressive" or "experimental". Fair enough. Those are the best adjectives for describing a style of music that doesn't quite fit into "button-down" labels or categories. By no means has this been an intentional digression from "mainstream" or "popular" music on the part of TPower, but rather a candid and somewhat naive curiosity for exploring the boundaries of music and unlocking caged frequencies.
When asked to describe the underlying intention behind the recent creation of Adastra Recordings, TPower replies, "It's about being grounded in what TPower was originally about. It's about going back…but with new nomenclature, new mathematical expressions for music and understanding what's possible with sound and harmonic theory…and taking the timing and pitch off the grid. It's about orchestrating waveforms so that they're emotionally all encompassing. It's about workflow and music production based on judgment rather than luck. Most importantly though, Adastra Recordings is about separating art from product."
Fundamentally, the creation of Adastra Recordings is proof that TPower is coming home, except this time he has a new set of master keys.
Adastra Recordings is a record label solely dedicated to all future TPower releases.
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