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Hello everyone!!! So, if you didn't already know, we are calling it quits. It's the end of the line for Sydney. We finally have our final tour dates posted and are really looking forward to seeing all your beautiful faces for one last run! We also need you all to do us one more small favor; tell all your friends, your family, your teachers and your pets about these last shows. We want to make this the best string of shows we've ever been a part of and we can't do it without having all of you there with us one last time!!! Our friends in Lifestory: Monoloque will be with us for the ride and we're all really excited!! Cause we all like to party!! Specifically together!!!

We'd also like to say thank you one more time, to all of you!!! We would have never gotten as far as we did with this band without the non stop support from all of you! From singing along to our songs with us, to buying/stealing/downloading any of our records or merch. We could never really thank you guys enough for your never ending support. SoTHANK YOU!!!

On a side note, for anyone who noticed Brent missing on the last few tours, he will be back with us for the final tour!! Ladies and Gentlemenwe co-ordinarily invite you to join us in our big giant goodbye party! Come hang out/sing/party with us one more time!! WE LOVE YOU ALL TO PIECES!!!! Oh, and make sure you all have a safe and fantastic holiday season!

Our Last show ever is FRIDAY JANUARY 23rd, 2008 @ THE CASBAH in Hamilton.

It would be amazing to see all of you there.And if you're 19+, we would love for you to stick around for our FREE AFTERPARTY!
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