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PUBLISHED:  Jan 18, 2017
ACORDE, the musical supervision service: MUSIC with no complications.

When a project starts stalling because the parts involved in musical development don’t seem to fit together properly, Acorde is the solution.

Thanks to our extensive experience, we can provide advice and coordinate musical production, tailoring it to your needs and fully optimising your budget.

TOTAL PRODUCTION: Leave the musical management in our hands, from contacting musicians and studios to obtaining legal advice. All in one simple package, and always in search of excellence.

ADAPTING A MUSICAL CONCEPT: If you already have an idea, a song or a composer, we can help you to develop and give shape to the final production.

COMPLETING PROJECTS: If you are only missing a few tracks to complete your production, Acorde provides you with the best musical catalogues. We can also negotiate the use of commercial music or specific titles with different record labels.

This is what helps create our “harmony”:
Because music should not become a major headache. Our experience, strategic alliances and extensive DATABASE mean we can rely on the best professionals and cover all stages of development.

With Acorde, we adapt our service to your budget.
We offer diverse solutions, from tailor-made compositions to the selection available in our extensive and comprehensive catalogues.

Quality is paramount to us. We count on a long list of talented professionals who we enjoy working with every day, always together in search of perfection.

Contact us today and find out about the numerous advantages of having all our musical supervision services available to you.
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