Sudden Infant Death Syndrome Awareness (Original Mix) - Video
PUBLISHED:  Aug 24, 2014
This is an Awareness song featuring Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.

Awareness songs are dance songs that are specifically designed to save human lives.

Every song features a unique condition, and primarily includes information about what the condition is and the classic signs and symptoms that would be helpful for anyone to learn and recognise. Many of the songs also feature preventative strategies designed to reduce one’s risk of contracting these diseases or of exacerbating them if already suffering from them.


About Educational Records:

Educational Records is a record label specialising in producing and releasing Educational Electronic Music (EEM), otherwise known as Educational Electronica (EE).

Educational Electronic Music (EEM) or Educational Electronica (EE) is a genre of music defined by DJ Kronotrope. This is essentially electronic music that doubles up as an educational tool by imparting valuable knowledge to specialist groups and/or the general public through song.

Songs have been used as a medium for imparting knowledge for centuries. Though inferior in many respects to more traditional forms of learning, they remain especially potent for delivering small pieces of important information – especially the kind that needs to be memorised.

This is because most songs contain loops. Usually, melodies constitute such loops; but for many songs with vocals, even lyrics loop. Looped lyrics assail the listener's mind and 'drill the information into one's head', so to speak.

EEM songs must satisfy the conditions listed below:
1. The song qualifies as electronic music
2. The knowledge imparted is valuable
3. The knowledge is 100% factually correct based on authoritative sources such as recognised academic journals
4. The knowledge imparted is not revisable within the foreseeable future
5. The song features no vulgar content

Education is Repetition, Repetition is Education.

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