Killadelphia, Pennsylvania, US
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Hip Hop / Hardcore / Punk
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SubHoodz "Back In The Day" (Live) f/ Danny Diablo live at The Gramercy Theatre Sept. 12, 2007 for Necro's Death Rap release party

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All kinds of new goodies from SubHoodz.

Back In The Day feat. Danny Diablo

"THRU YOUR SPEAKERS" practice session.

Since 1991, street rock veterans SubHoodz (Suburban Hoodz) have been producing groundbreaking hip-hop music. SubHoodz represents the best of hip-hop, with the versatility of a live band.

Beginning in 1991 when Jeff (Stress) & Harry (Harley Hack a.k.a. Havok) decided to take their income tax checks & buy some equipment to start a rap group. They bought two turntables, a mixer & a drum machine. Shortly after that day, Stress met Lou (Stiff Lou) at a local community college & the original lineup of SubHoodz was formed. The trio recorded two recordsTales From The Liteside (1992) & Guns, Knifes & Lies 1994.

After playing shows up & down the East Coast playing to cassette & DAT tapes for 3 years, the trio felt the need to expand their music and add a three piece band. With this new lineup, the more versatile side of the band has been expressed with the perfect blend of hip-hop & live music.

With the do-it-yourself attitude the band possesses, SubHoodz set out to record "THIS BOY'S LIFE" (a 7 song EP). With Chuck Treeces experience in production and SubHoodz' talent, the two forces came up with a very explosive product. SubHoodz released "THIS BOY'S LIFE" on 215 RECORDS.

In 1999, SubHoodz recorded and released "GENUINE B-BOYZ", there first full length cd. The cd contains tracks from both sides of SubHoodz. Some songs were recorded with the band as the backbone of the songs, others are sampled tracks that display the roots the band started with. The whole cd shows the versitlity the band possesses.

Along with recording, SubHoodz has played their share of shows up and down the east coast. They have played with national acts such as: The Kottonmouth Kings, The Pharcyde, Bad Brains, Lordz fo Brooklyn, Digable Planets, The Mighty-Mighty Bosstones, Biohazard, Sick of it All, The Goats and Leeway, just to name a few. It's obvious that with the mix of hip-hop and live music, SubHoodz can play with just about anybody.
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