Linda Strawberry

Los Angeles, California, US
Artist / Band / Musician
Alternative / Rock / Indie

worked/performed on records for:

Sara Mclachlan - Engineer

Zwan - Vocal Production, Assistant Engineer

Marianne Faithfull - Assistant Engineer

The Dandy Warhols - Vocal Production, Editing

Smashing Pumpkins - Vocals, Editing

Maven (Bon Harris) - Piano, Vocals

David Coverdale - Vocals "Wherever You May Go"

The Seeds - vocals

Spun Soundtrack with Billy Corgan and Matt Sweeney - vocals, piano

Jimmy Chamberlin Complex - vocals

Played with Billy Corgan on the very last Bozo the Clown Show

Signed to Chrysalis Music 2004 - 2006

Member of Billy Corgan's band for solo tour 2005

released "The Lost Record EP" 2007

"Lip Distortion EP" 2009

Did a series of shows in 2009 with Billy Corgan, Dave Navarro, Mark Tulin, Kerry Brown, Mike Byrne, and Kevin Dippold as "Spirits in the Sky"

currently recording a new record with producer Richie Stites (Michael Jackson/Outkast)

Painter/Graphic Artist/Designer

Created alot of artwork for Smashing Pumpkins including cover art / packaging for "If All Goes Wrong" - inside art on reissue of Zeitgeist - the Harlequins of Sadness for the 20th Anniversary Tour merch & poster- Live Boxset Packaging - Fall Tour Raven Poster - Spider Shirt

Lip Distortion Packaging and Box Set

Lost Record EP collaboration with Kristin Burns

Factory Girls with Audrey Kitching 2008 -

Currently in development for clothing and makeup lines.
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