Stewart Cole

Los Angeles, US
Artist / Band / Musician
Typical musician.

Talented, vastly inflated self-image, selfish, talented, charming. Talented. I drive a fancy car and pay child support in several parts of the world. Drinkin, swearin', and a carryin' on. Always chasing the one(s) that got away. Space cadet - unless you're talking about how great i am. otherwise i tune out. I think i'm invincible and the world usually plays along. Vacant-minded supermodel girlfriends, Canters pastrami at 2AM (or later) and large quantities of mexican food are facts of life. I wake up when i'm done sleeping. I rarely know what day it is or when i'm supposed to be at soundcheck. I have no idea what you're talking about. I get away with everything. Dressed sloppy yet nice - it looks unintentional but it always is. Let's face it.

I think much more than i ought to think, i do things i never should do. I drink much more than i oughta drink, because it brings me back I think i voted for the other guy, but i always vote. Do you?

I am an island. Hornblower, heartbraker, homewrecker. Don't leave your girl around me.
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