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St. Louis Hounds USA, US
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Classic Rock / Blues / Progressive
Exotic Bird Records
OLD DOG NEW TRICK trailer from Mike Steinberg on Vimeo.
Old Dog, New Trick one of the top 10 most anticipated films at the St. Louis International Film Festival! Source:
A film by Mike Steinberg & Thomas Crone, U.S., 2009,
co-produced Jon Scorfina
Friday, Nov. 20, 7 p.m., Tivoli 1
A pair of new rock documentaries – produced under the auspices of CALOP – tracks key players who ascended from the vibrant St. Louis scene of the 1970s to the national stage. "Old Dog, New Trick" follows Steve Scorfina, a founding member of Pavlov's Dog and REO Speedwagon, as he balances a life in antiques-dealing with a re-launched career as a blues-rock bandleader, guitarist and vocalist. "The Pride of St. Louis" updates fans on the R&B-infused Mama's Pride, led by brothers Pat and Danny Liston. The group has now reunited to popular acclaim, allowing Mama's Pride an unlikely second act. Both films discuss the key role of the radio station KSHE-95 in breaking album-oriented rock acts during the heyday of freeform FM radio

Steve Scorfina is indeed one of the great guitar soloists to come out of the Midwest, USA. Scorfina garnered the same esteem and prestige as the great players of his time. Although he never reached the same pinnacle of fame as many of his peers, Scorfina still forged a respectable body of work and won the devotion of a sizeable number of rock fans around the world. The thing that sets him apart is his unique style and guitar sound. Steve Scorfina can not be pegged in just any genre of music and is definately a feel based musician spanning four decades. Born Dec. 16, 1949, In St. Louis he debuted as a Mississippi Bluesy lead guitarist influence by the Blues greats Muddy Waters, Albert King, BB King & Ike Turner. Scorfina has been involved with many major rock artist to come out of the midwest in the last 40 years. Starting off way back in the early 1960's playing with Michael Mcdonald (Doobie Brothers) in a band called The Majestics. Then in 1965, reelin' and a rockin' with the St. Louis's own legendary Good Feelin'. Cutting his teeth Scorfina has made his name early within midwestern Rock scene as a founding member of REO SPEEDWAGON in 1969. Writing thier first single (Gypsy Womans Passion). Only to leave to become a CBS recording artist with THE St. LOUIS K-SHE Classic favorite - and St. Louis's own - PAVLOV'S DOG. In Pavlov's Dog he penned some of their most memorable Progressive Rock songs from the era (Natchez Trace, Late November, and Mersy) which debut on the simoustaniously on ABC and CBS Records in 1974. In the Spoon River Band he appeared as a regular at Berry Park (Chuck Berry's farm). Then in late 1970's he moved to L.A and was signed with CBS recording artist Gulliver in 1980. He partnered up with David Caron, The Buck Bros. and Tom Nickeson and laid down his signature riffs on Carons song "We're All Clones" Later to be covered By Alice Cooper & The Smashing Pumpkins. After returning to the midwest in 1982 Scorfina joined forces with midwest's legendary lead guitarist & songwriter Mike Somerville formerly from HEAD EAST to form the Somerville-Scorfina Project which K-SHE95 pick up on Volume II of the K-SHE Seeds albums. In the 90's he raised his family and released his solo debut Polychrome Lovesongs 1998. On June 27, 2004 Stephen reunited with the closest to original lineup of Pavlovs Dog for their Reunion since thier debut album Pampered Menial. Pavlov's Dog packed the house with a sold out concert and raised over $148,000 for the Make A Wish Foundation. A year later, Scorfina's material on the CBS recording of Pampered Menial ranked 27th next to Queen in the top Progressive Rock albums to date, according to Progression Magazine. (Check out his blog 2005 MoJo Music)

Scorfina'a Musical Menagerie Continues in the 21st Century:

1. [ Dog Trax Unleashed 2009] Scorfina Recording Group: [Steve Scorfina and The St. Louis Hounds] Top Dogs include Micheal Canning (Vocals & Bass), Sam Schmidt (Drums), Philip Montgomery aka. Philmo (Vocals & Guitar) and Myself Steve Scorfina (Vocals, Guitar, Steel Guitar) Levy on (Harmonica)Feel based.these smoking raw live trax features a duet with Ingrid Berry Clay, with the addition of Chuck Berry's' piano extraordinaire Bob Lohr. Scorfina's raw live smoking Dog Trax© is a musical menagerie that trails you through his songwriting in Rock 'n Roll that leaves you with that fresh in your face Good ole Rock 'n Roll to Rock your Soul. In his teenage years cutting his teeth & playing at Chuck Berry's Park as a regular with Michael McDonald (Doobie Brothers). At age 19 becoming a founding member of REO SPEEDWAGON. On then to record with James Burton and Elvis Presley's Rhythm Section on John Hurley's Delivers One More Hallelujah…all will identify with his garnered roots. You'll hear his songwriting and haunting guitar style of his recording years with the legendary Pavlov's Dog. The thing that sets him apart is his unique style and guitar sound.

Check out my video clip of a new song on Dog Trax called "ANGELINE" © 2007

2. Collaboration with Mike Somerville - The Somerville Scorfina Project © to be continued.Bringing back some of the ole' St. Louis favorites - Kshe Seeds Artists Somerville Scorfina, St. Louis Union Station Sounds of the Summer Concert Series Reunited Two Midwest Homegrown Rock Guitarist on July 16, 2009.

Check out:
3. [Old Dog, New Trick Sessions©]: WAG - A collaboration with Pavlov's Dog Tommy Nickeson & myself Steve Scorfina, which will unveil the Conditioned Response and Progressive Rock Sound of Pavlov's Dog. Since our Prognosis, we have recreated the Cult Pavlovian Sound that cuts through the art rock/ballad genre. Check out our tunes and book mark

SOME MAY SAY IN DOG YEARS I'M DEAD.BUT ROCK N ROLL NEVER DIES! LAST WARRIOR'S SONG 2nd movement of the Spirit Sonata from the solo CD Polychrome LovesongsI am brave I am strongI can make it on my own In a world where the stong survive I'll be standing all alone An icy wind down a trail of tears That turns our hearts to stoneShadows fall on my leathered skinWhile my spirit flies alone Through the lies of ice blue eyes The truth could not be foundUntil the breathe inside our soulsWas scattered on the groundI will dance the life of a warrior's cryIn this sacred tranceLet my spirit rise Stephen Michael Scorfina ©1995

Band History

Mike and the Majestics
Members: Michael McDonald, Pat Molloy, Bob Bortz, Steve Scorfina

The Good Feelin'
Members: Pat Molloy, Bob Bortz, Steve Burns, John Whitecamp, Steve Scorfina

Members: Pat Molloy, Bob Bortz, Steve Scorfina

Cyro Flashcat
Members: David Hamilton, Rob Sander, Steve Fairchild, Connie Fairchild, Gordan Bland, Steve Scorfina

REO Speedwagon
Members: Neil Doughty, Terry Luttrel, Gregg Philbin, Alan Gratzer, Steve Scorfina

Members: Harry Washburn, Howard Reader, Bob Bortz, Daina Walden, Steve Scorfina

The Spoon River Band
Members: Micheal O'Hara, Faith O'Hara, Rick Corral, Dave Terrata, Connie Fairchild, Janice Woodard, Steve Scorfina

Pavlov's Dog
Members: Sigfried Carver, David Surkamp, Rick Stockton, David Hamilton, Doug Rayburn, Mike Safron, Steve Scorfina & Tommy Nickeson

Members: David Caron, Dana Buck, David Buck, Tommy Nickeson, Steve Scorfina

Somerville Scorfina Project
Members: Mike Somerville, Jimmy Miller, Tony Supudo, Mike Safron, Jeff Beckner, Tommy Nickeson, Steve Scorfina
Check out: 2007 - present: Scorfina and the St. Louis HoundsMembers: Michael Canning, Sam Schmidt, Stephen Scorfina, Philip Montgomery, & Brother Levy
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