London, UK
Artist / Band / Musician
Drum & Bass / Electronica / Pop
Soul R, Creative Source, Digital Soundboy, Bingo
Having already released across a host of leading labels, including Soul:r, Digital

Soundboy, Creative Source, Bingo and 31 Records, and now his own Detail Recordings. Lynx has established himself firmly at the forefront of a fresh new sound within drum & bass. A producer par- excellence, his tracks range in style from straight-up dancefloor funk to deep and boundary-pushing beats but always maintain the attention to detail that has come to be Lynx's trademark.

"Electronic Genius"

- DJ Fabio (BBC RADIO 1)


- Laurent Garnier

"A landmark in D&B history"

- DJ Teebee

"The most conceptually brilliant D&B record of the modern era. simply irresistible"

- Knowledge Mag

"This is a creative tour de force of geniuine songs, that puts its home genre to shame. sheer genius: 9/10"

- IDJ Mag

".gives hope to all those becoming disillusioned with the current state of musical affairs in D&B"

- ATM Mag

The ultimate DNB vs DUBSTEP Showdown

Choose Your Poison

The brand new dancefloor smasher by LYNX & KEMO - "KEEP IT LOW" comes

in 5 very different styles and we want to know, which one is YOUR

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