Static Thought (5/16/2012) Part 4 of 4 - Video
PUBLISHED:  May 18, 2012
Second "SLC Pyrate PunX 46" show. Static Thought playing at The Underground II. From the shadows of Oakland California comes a band here to awake the masses. Static Thought is a hardcore/punk band with a simple idea. They want to inspire people to push themselves to create something new. Something better. To long has our community sat in a slow decay of the past. They look to them, to the past for help, but the bands that they have all been inspired by are not what they once are or no longer here. WAKE UP its 2010!! Lets make something new we can all be apart of. Pick up a instrument and start now! Static Thought hope to contribute to the spark of individuality and creation. Lets do this!

If you like Static Thought check them out here:
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