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You've written countless emails ! (over the past 2+ years!!) thank you so much, and yes a reunion show(s) is(are) in the works! thank you always for all the love & support ! stay tuned !! there will be some secret practice shows before the actual reunion shows!! Much Love always!
:: SQUAB::

"[SQUAB] create dark rhythmic sounds, splicing and suturing with samples and synths, creating looping textures with improbable time changes. Since their Long Beach, CA inception in 2000, Squab has increased their prominence as a band worthy of inspection. Not quite art damaged, and yet not completely no-wave/noir wave, Squab are not easily definable, sharing four different members' influences (from Siouxsie, Joy Division, Blonde Redhead, James Brown, The Germs to Roxy Music). With an aggressive dark live show that exudes a sinister and sexually charged buzz, Squab are not for the uninitiated and weak; and yet, are at once accessible and perpetuating."
SQUAB = (1997-2007).

For the Record.

As of aug 15th 2007,
ChrisPee has decided to call Squab quitsChrisPee founded the band in late Dec. of 1997 starting with just 2 members (just bass, drums & guitar-with both members switching back & forth) it grew into a much more involved & extravagant 4 piece, which included Bass, 2 drummers, synths, trombone & dual vocals. We grew apart musically and I decided it would be best to go our separate ways.
We have had a great time (these Almost TEN years!!) & we love our fans & thank you all very much for all of your wonderful support & awesome dancing! It sounds very cliche, but it's true We wouldn't be anything with out you!!! so thank you all again.!!
much love!

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