Simon Lott ii

narlings, UM
Artist / Band / Musician
Experimental / Concrete / Grime
i was born in baton rouge, la. i play drums and music. i'm producing a keyboardist from arkansas named diamond kinkade. please enjoy the sounds on here.



ingrid lucia - midnight rendevouz (feat. john fohl, cassandra faulconer, anders osborne) [threadhead]

matt perrine - bayou road suite (feat. john ellis, david torkanowsky, rick trolsen) [threadhead]

rex gregory - an end to an oblivion (feat. johnaye kendrick, gordon au, james westfall, austin johnson, brian coogan, peter harris)


scrambler/seequill - secret passageways (feat. devin febbroriello, mike gamble, todd sickafoose, conor elmes, walker adams, zach lucas, neil sanford livingston, tony barba)

wativ - william thompson quartet (feat. chris alford and tommy sciple) [indie]


monika h. band - disguised as umbrellas, we slept (feat. brandon seabrook, erik deutsch, and matt clohesy) [indie]

todd sickafoose's blood orange - tiny resistors (feat. ani difranco, andrew bird, skerik, shane endsley, ben wendel, alan ferber, mike gamble, adam levy, and allison miller) [cryptogramaphone]

tim collins - fade (feat. charlie hunter) [rope-a-dope]

david mooney - astoriano (feat. john ellis, brian coogan, and matt clohesy) [lateset ]


charlie hunter trio - mistico (feat. erik deutsch) [fantasy/concord]

george porter, jr. - it's life (feat. david torkanowsky, joe stark, john gros, et a) [transvideo]

the dark smile - the dark smile (feat. joshua smith and kurt kotheimer) [indie]

mitch paone's non-static - new yorkleanians (feat. john ellis, matty williams, and eric kalb) [indie]

chappo - media machine (feat. alex chappo, dan asher, and gabe cummins)

elephantbear - hide and go seek (mike pedersen & tim collins feat. matt clohesy, brian coogan, matt blostein, ulrike schmitz, chris hoffman, matthias bublath, jenny cuasapaz, denis wong, tom barber, & alex jeun)


renwicke - it's ok to sit in the middle of the road henry (feat. brian mcwhorter, david polk, brad walker, and jason moore) [8bells]

bill malchow & friends - live in brooklyn (feat. matt lindsey)

tim collins - valcour (feat. ingrid jensen, matt blostein, aaron parks, and matt clohesy) [arabesque]

matthias bublath - matthias bublath band (feat. tim collins, taku kuroda, and nathan peck) [indie]

fowlmouth - fowlmouth (feat. michael iannantuono and matt savino) [indie]


friends of gravity - thankful (feat. tommy sciple, andy bourgeois, scott bourgeois, and rex richardson) [fairfax]


project 164 (feat. jesse kees, patrick cronin, and josh nee) [indie]


david mooney - luckless pedestrian (feat. tommy sciple and peter harris) [indie]


david mooney - .in this balance of time (feat. peter harris) [indie]

michael jenner - michael jenner group (feat. brian prunka, jesse lewis, brian coogan, tommy sciple, mark diflorio, brian seeger, and tommy sciple) [indie]


simon lott - in the parking lott of swing (feat. fred jackson, frank williams, mike esneault, andy bourgeois, brian coogan, and robert nash) [indie]
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