Wien, Ös
Artist / Band / Musician
Drum & Bass / Breakbeat
Splinta a.k.a. Paul Velicky got into electronic music in 1999: Everything started together with his long-time mate Chinch at the famous Vienna based Flex club. Here Splinta got in touch with alternative electronic music (actually Drum&Bass) for the very first time. He was so fascinated, that he bought his first equipment to improve mixing skills and beat matching. Then everything went it's own way – first bookings followed very soon.
In the beginning of 2002 his closest friends founded the [static echo] crew. The collective started to promote their own regular parties called «fluid» Drum&Bass. This regular club started at Vienna's club Massiv and then moved to the legendary Couchuc club. In the middle of 2003 Splinta decided to organize and promote bigger raves - the kickoff event featured Dylan and Robyn Chaos (also known as Faith In Chaos) from United Kingdom. The weekly Drum&Bass meetings at Couchuc Club got a better and better name and Splinta learned the details of building balanced and emotional Drum&Bass sets. He always understands it perfectly to arrange his sets depending on the night's theme. In the smaller venues Splinta usually drops the funky and liquid Drum&Bass tunes. His preferred style is all the party Drum&Bass like Dirtyphonics, Subfocus, Nero, Pendulum, Fresh and all the others. But when it fits to the night he likes to drop harder tunes from ones like Spor, Neonlight, Dylan, Technical Itch or The Panacea too. Which brings us directly to the next episode.
In the end of 2003 Splinta met Zubcore (also known as Skeletor) for the first time. Very quick Zubcore got involved into the [static echo] thing, which finally was the perfect way for all participants. Splinta and Zubcore startet to promote one of Europe's most hyped Drum&Bass parties - the Therapy Sessions Austria. Together with Dylan and Robyn Chaos they are organizing a regular sound massacre in Vienna. Names like Noisia, The Panacea, Spor, Limewax, Raiden, Current Value, Audio, Neonlight or Gancher & Ruin (just to name a few) are destroying the dancefloors at Vienna's Arena twice a year. Therapy Sessions Austria started in late 2005 and since that moment it became one of the most important party nights in Austria and central Europe. Thereby Splinta got the possibility to get in touch and receive more and more positive feedback from people who are definitely cornerstones of the whole Drum&Bass scene. In the meantime Splinta played gigs alongside Goldie, Grooverider, Andy C, Sub Focus, Pendulum and many, many more. He loves to make people dance and exactly that's the reason why he decided to make music as a DJ and producer. "The most important thing in that game is the shining in the peoples eyes. And still the best way to get that from your crowd, is to give them tunes they want to hear. Mix them proper and you can make every crowd going completely mad. In my opinion that's the secret to be a good DJ. I'm not a DJ to play only the stuff that I like. Of course I love most of the tunes I play, but I'm playing for the people here, not for myself", Splinta said in an early interview 2005. Be prepared: Splinta is coming.
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