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Warners for Pogues. None for me.
I'm in the Pogues and have been for a long, long time. I also do bits and pieces here and there with various other people. These songs were recorded between five and eight years ago and are from an album which may or may not see the light of day, depending on whether or not I ever get around to finishing it to my satisfaction. My trouble is that I keep moving the goalposts. I'd like to do something really off the wall but I need to develop the right vocabulary. Still, I've got ears and a brain and I've no shortage of friends whose brains I can pick and whose talents I can exploit . . . Actually, why limit oneself? Do everything you can think of, and damn the eyes of the begrudgers.
The band line-up on these sessions was as follows: Kavus Torabi (gtrs,b/vox,miscellaneous instruments that I can't remember, production), James Walbourne (gtrs), Dave Brolan (bass), Bob Wilson(drums, percussion) and me (vocals, synthesizer, production). Additional musicians (or Heavy Friends, if you prefer): Brian Robertson (gtrs), Jem Finer (saxophone, hurdy-gurdy), the Jesse James brass section - Dan (trumpet), Ian (trombone) and Pete(saxophone)
And,of course, Darryl Hunt and Andrew Ranken (backing vox). I would also like to mention Andy Nolan (accordion) and Dick Smith (banjo, mandolin) who, although they are not on the album, made an invaluable contribution to the development of the material.

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