Space Capone

East Nashville, US
Artist / Band / Musician
Funk / Soul / R&B
"There's an open question as to whether it's harder or easier for smooth white dudes to make inroads in R&B music. If you ask Robin Thicke, it's not so easy. If you're following the career of Nashville's Space Capone, you might think it's a breeze. The local press is smitten with Capone's highly danceable, '70s-style grooves and thrift store retro style, and the national media is starting to catch the vapors too, as Capone was recently featured on TBS' entertainment program Sound Check." - Mark Mays (The Tennessean)
"Capone sounds like the real deal. His malleable voice can fall into a rumble or rise to a tingly falsetto, though he's best when gettin' his baritone on. He takes his songwriting cues from the '70s, by way of the neo-soul artists who reintroduced audiences to the classics — Giorgio Moroder's disco, Philly soul and Detroit funk." - The Tennessean

"Harmonically sophisticated, Transformation is a commercial funk record that effortlessly combines banality and exactitude in its search for a plausible heaven that includes personal appearances by Al JarreauThe best funk of the early '80s—Gladys Knight and the Pips' brilliant "Bourgié Bourgié," say, or Chic's "I Got Protection" and "Real People"—itched with unfulfilled desires and misgivings about the value of its own sophistication. Space Capone's music has integrity, but it might benefit from some alienation—a state of mind that almost always trumps the bourgeois compulsion to tame the past." - Nashville Scene
"If you like energetic funk, you will soon be dancing at Space Capone's upcoming show at the Mercy Lounge. Bringing back the 70's soul to Nashville, Space Capone's stage presence can only be out performed by his vocal performance." - Lightning 100

"Funk master." -

"If you're interested in expanding your assemblage of groove jams, Space Capone's debut album, Volume 1: Transformation, just might be the panty-dropper you're looking for. If the songs weren't so damn catchy, they'd be a little difficult to swallow. Instead, the hook from "My Dudes All Approve" will live in your head for no less than one week, and the song "I Just Wanna Dance" couldn't be more appropriately titled." -

"If any doubt remains, Transformation affirms that Space is serious about soul." - Nashville Rage

"The focus throughout the entire 2-hour set was Space Capone, as he delivered the vocals with as much precision as he did in the studio sessions. During the show, Capone deftly interchanged his Barry Gibb-esque falsetto with his Michael McDonald-esque full voice while simultaneously interacting with fans at the front of the stage—never missing a note. Capone, obviously thrilled by the turnout of this near capacity crowd, remained humble throughout the set. He took the time to introduce his family members who were in attendance, as well as other band members' relatives who were in the house. The audience was peppered with industry folk and local rockers with burgeoning careers of their own, and Capone had the entire audience loving every minute of the show." -

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